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  • We produce standardized herbal extracts for a wide range of companies; Pharmaceutical, Nutraceuticals & Cosmaceuticals etc.


  • Quality Assurance is the highest of our priorities, as the principles of GMP govern all steps ensuring quality, safety and efficacy of all products.

We have the capacity to provide the following services:

  • Research and development
  • Sourcing raw materials

All raw materials are quality tested according to endorsed National Compendia, such as British Pharmacopoeia (BP) or scientifically validated methods that have been developed in house.

  • Quality, identity and microbiological testing

Testing is performed in our new laboratory, equipped with state of the art analytical technology. Techniques such as HPTLC, HPLC, GC, UV and IR Spectroscopy and Microscopy are utilised in the identity and quality control of herbal material.

  • Manufacturing; we follow requirement of GMP (Indian FDA)
    • Appropriately qualified and trained personnel
    • Adequate premises and space
    • Specialised equipment and services
    • Correct materials, containers and labelling
    • Approved written procedures and instructions
    • Suitable storage and transport

  • MEDZUS Market;

Bulk manufacture and supply of extracts from single herbs.

Custom manufacture of herbal extracts tailored to meet your specification requirements

When purchasing a herbal extract from the MEDZUS Herbal Extract, you can be certain it is both safe for your patient and of the highest quality.