ISO 80369 Small Bore Connectors

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ISO 80369 Connector Compatible Syringes: Enteral Feeding, Neuroaxial &  Intravascular

ISO 80369

       ISO 80369 – Small Bore Connectors

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Medzus Medical announces key services for design & development of various small bore connectors & connection devices with specific & appropriate design for their application as per ISO 80369.

A combination of various engineers & scientist helps you in giving total turnkey solution for building your product by considering all safety & quality criteria’s. Customers will be provided with all inputs & outputs data of device for maintaining design & development record.

ISO 80369: A small bore connectors for medical applications:

All small bore connectors are defined with appropriate anatomical location &are categorized to use for specific application with unique geometrical design. These new connectors are designed to avoid misconnection while patient treatment/alleviations.

Followings are ISO standards with specific applications-

  • ISO 80369-2: Respiratory/Breathing System Connectors
  • ISO 80369-3: Enteral Feeding Connectors
  • ISO 80369-4: Urinary/Urethral Connectors
  • ISO 80369-5: Blood Pressure (Limb Cuff Inflation) Connectors
  • ISO 80369-6: Neuraxial (Spinal, Epidural & Regional Anaesthesia) Connectors
  • ISO 80369-7: Intravascular/Hypodermic Connectors (Know as luer fittings)

Currently we are having project of enteral feeding syringes, neuroaxial syringes & many more intravascular devices connectors designing which are under work in progress & some of them in pipeline.

We also provides a complete testing solution for all small bore connector devices as per ISO 80369-20, we have been already established with reference connectors & gauges of ISO 80369-3, 6 & 7 with close tolerance to dimensions. Thesein-house reference connectors & gauges help us in providing better solution to our clients with full level of confidence.

All small bore connectors testing solution includes:

  • Connector assembly with reference fitting as per set criteria
  • Assembled connection testing for:
    • Separation/detachment test
    • Air/fluid leakage test (Pressure/Aspiration)
  • Assembly dismantle test as per set criteria

Calibration services for all types of reference fitting & gauges withhigh level of accuracy in very economy rate. Calibration is done with very well precise manner by considering appropriate error, uncertainty of measurement & confidence level.

Our Innovations:

Medzus medical reference fittings & gauges are designed& manufactured according to ISO 80369 with high level of accuracy & quality,to test various small bore connector devices.

These gauges are made of non-corrosive oil hardened material & it helps in improving the life.

W e have been admired with our lots of satisfied customers from all over the world for approaching us to give services at all time.

If you have any idea for any specific testing then our services will makes your idea workable.

(Note: Any Test method/design will claim for compliance of ISO 80369, as & when only after time to time release of appropriate standard).

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